is there a "newer" and "older" version of saleya in damier?

  1. sa mentioned the older version had shorter straps, whereas the newer version has longer straps that can go over the shoulder. is that true?
    and also, ha the price of saleya gone up since it was introduced? what was its introductory price out of curiosity? tks
  2. When I bought mine few weeks ago it was 590€ and now it's 620€ and Yes they change the handles.
  3. The Saleya mm came out with the longer handles early this year. I was on a waitlist for one and got it in February - it was the first one my store received.
  4. I didn't know that about the handles?! Wow!
  5. Me neither
  6. i just bought this baby, will pick it up after sept 4th!