Is there a "new" or different caviar leather? I thought I remembered

  1. something along those lines a while back, but a quick search didn't turn up anything. As a new owner of my first caviar leather piece, I wondered if I had the "new" or "old" type.
  2. Thank you missisa07. It does help, but since I don't have any other caviar bags, I am not sure which I have. It is made in France. Does that definitively mean it is the old leather?
  3. ^I'm not really sure whether the whole Made in France or Made in Italy factors in with the old and new caviar. I'm not even sure which kind of caviar I have. I don't really care about it that much I guess haha.
  4. : ) I don't either. I like the one I have!
  5. Same, I love the one I have, so I don't care to nitpick hehe.