Is there a new LV ribbon now?

  1. ...Or are they still using the orange ribbons? (or none at all?)
    When I went to pick up my Pomme cles, I got no ribbon :sad:
    I kinda want to wait until they're putting ribbons on the boxes again to buy my Azur...:whistle:
  2. No, Karman the orange ribbon is no more..or as they say in Louie talk
  3. Hmmm... I thought the orange ribbon was only going to be used for Christmas time?
  4. When I purchased 10 days ago, I received the leather ties instead of the orange ribbon. The SA mentioned that they just had it for the holidays and they sent everything back. It may differ from store to store.
  5. lol! I haven't seen a new ribbon either.
  6. I don't know about Christmas time because I was getting things wrapped in Orange ribbon as far back as October of 2006. My SA stated that they were no longer using it..
  7. yea it's a new season now. orange was for the holidays. we'll see what they spit out for valentine's. :smile: :yes:
  8. I got the ribbon and the Louis Vuitton tags when I bought my daughter her birthday gifts. (1/04/07)
  9. I'm thinking... red and pink? :shrugs:
  10. It'd be so cute if it was red with pink and white hearts!!
    I guess I'll wait until Feb to buy my Azur, then.
  11. Who knows..I have gotten some things like amamxr said, as far back as October which have had this ribbon on it.
    Also, when I picked up my gold Speedy last Monday, the box had the same orange ribbon on it. I'm guessing they're just using it up.

    They'll probably go back to using those weird brown plastic ties. I liked when they used the leather ties instead.
  12. Hearts would be sooo cute!! :yes:
  13. october was the official start of the holiday season in retail. we started using our signature teal boxes & brown ribbon in october too.. but valentine's is tricky because too early into winter could cause chaos. lol.
  14. I see.. then that would explain it...Thanks
  15. Thanks for sharing frozen! :biggrin: