is there a new backpack coming out?

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  1. just heard a youtuber mention that there is a new backpack coming out but she didn't say what it was. i've been off the boards in an effort to not be tempted during this time as i am trying very hard not to buy any new bags right now. that being said, i would love details on any upcoming backpacks that i may be interested in down the line. anyone hear anything??
  2. I saw it posted on Instagram and it looks like an updated version (again) of the montsouris backpack. It looks nice and there will be a mini version that looks like it has convertible straps like the psm. I asked my CA about it and she was going to get pricing for me but supposed to be in August.
  3. These are probably the backpacks that were mentioned.
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  4. So cute, hopefully same dimensions as Sperone and Sperone BB
  5. Thanks for the pictures.:tup:
  6. ahh thanks everyone. so it does look like the old montsouris minus the leather bottom. i have the vintage montsouris pm and adore that little backpack. i hope that the mini will have crossbody option like the palm springs ..... hmmmm.... thanks again!
  7. Crying crocodile tears never purchased the montsouris.:crybaby:
  8. Anyone knows when this will be released?
  9. Looks like August
  10. I hope they come in Damier Ebene also.
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