Is there a natural progression?

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  1. I've noticed that many of you hanging out in the Chanel forum also have (or had) a fondness for Balenciaga. I myself have drifted this way, attracted to the beauty, the lightness, and the classic nature of Chanel bags, some of the same qualities I first discovered in Bbags, my initial designer bag obsession. ( I know a number of you won't agree with my analogy, particularly calling a Bbag a classic, but that's OK)

    Anyway, is there a natural progression, going from one designer bag to the next? Do you search for the same features? Do you start with a lower-priced brand and then work your way up? If that were the case, my next one might be Hermes, but it seems far too structured for me.

    Thoughts??? I've yet to buy a Chanel but I'm tempted. I first need to decide whether to part with any of the other five handbags I bought this year to feed my cravings!!!!
  2. i think i'm one of those gals who loves both chanel and balenciaga- they are the two subforums i spend pretty much all my time in! years ago, i did start off with kate spade and gucci before moving to chanel. i like balenciaga bc to me, the lines are simple, there aren't logos screaming out, there isn't fussy hardware that distracts from the bag...
    in general, the same goes for chanel, and i think chanel offers bags that fit me right now. chanel bags are also classic enough that i feel that whatever i buy is an investment. right now, i'd rather pay more for something i feel will last me.
  3. I am also a Chanel and bbag lover. I like them for different reasons and although Chanel has an edge, Balenciaga is not far behind. My progression went from LV to Chanel with Balenciaga so far a constant. (Plus I like to throw in a touch of Chloe).
    I do find of the Chanel bags, i tend to go toward the tote styles and less structured (square vintage, cabas,etc) as my everyday with the classic reissues as my special bags!
  4. ^^ps I don't see Hermes being something I am drawn to in the near future but maybe someday...never say never to a bag brand!! :smile:

  5. I must admit I don't like Balenciaga... sorry.

    My progression was Gucci - Prada - Vuitton - Chanel
    I started with Gucci because it went on sale :graucho:
  6. My first addiction was Chanel.. then LV.. then i tried other brands.. Dior, Fendi, Balenciaga.. i love balenciaga.. but now i'm totally into Hermes.. i still have something for my first love.. Chanel :heart: especially their classic flap bags!!
  7. I have a big mix of brands. I generally don't stick with just one brand....although the last 3 bags I have purchased have all been Chanel.
  8. i started with a marc by marc jacobs, then got a chanel, now i have a chloe. each one has been more expensive than the last :sad: lol
  9. Same for me, although my last 2 purchases have been Chanel. I tend to be attracted to individual bags rather than brands. I'm also yet to buy a Balenciaga though.
  10. Balenciaga was my first love! When they changed their leather, I changed brands.
  11. The only "designer" bag that I have is a Chanel classic quilted but I did lemming a Speedy for a long time (and who knows - I may still get it one day).

    I would love to move up to Hermes but I think it is going to be a long way off :crybaby:
  12. I have always loved Chanel - hence the usuername. However, the last couple of years or so started collecting Bbags as well, but got turned off recently because the quality of the leather has decreased and the lack of selection we get in Australia. So I have deecided to stop buying Bbags in Australia and just consider it when Im overseas. I will stick with regular Chanel purchases. The quality and style never dates, just like their tweed suits and pearls. However, I will keep on using the Bbags that I have they are timeless too......
  13. I've got a huge mix of bags. I'm all over these boards! I want my next purchase to be a Chanel though, just not sure which one! Ahh so many choices :upsidedown:
  14. i love balenciaga and chanel..... dont want to own anything else....
  15. I had an itch for a B-Bag at the beginning of the year before we had all these seperate Forums.
    I kept hearing people talk about how supple the leather was and I like the edgy style.

    But I've learned a LOT about my needs and wants this year and have to accept that B-Bags aren't right for ME.
    I don't like bags that can't retain more of a shape. . . it took me all year to learn this! LOL!

    I think a lot of people have a 'natural progression' to continue to 'trade up' though.
    Hermes is considered up from Chanel and since I don't like Hermes style bags or their selling philosophy I'm happy w/ Chanel:heart:
    I would like a nice Chloe or there's a leather LV I like as well.