Is there a name for this bag?

  1. Anyone know the name of this bag from the AW2007/8 collection? It seems like a cross between a portfolio with the straps of a kelly flat. The croc version is very nice!

  2. Wow. But it looks terribly difficult to get in and out of. The straps are a little too much, no? NO idea what the name is though.
  3. Not sure of the name
    am sure someone here does so will bump the thread up

    It is lovely
  4. ooooohhh - i don't know, but i sure like it. doesn't seem tough to access to me -- looks like you just undo that strap and bob's your uncle.
  5. I think it's rather lovely too......especially the Barenia!:heart:
  6. such an awsome piece,no clue what name it is but the black croc one is to TDF
  7. Thanks guys for trying! Its style reminds me of the old leather carry-straps used for books. I agree, duna, that barenia one looks awesome too!

    It looks like there is another fold inside the the bag. I wonder it has multiple pockets inside.

    BTW, DQ your avatar cracks me up!!
  8. I like this too. Since a lot of their bags have something to do with tack or equipment I wonder if it's based on some horsey thingee?
  9. Lovely but I´d imagine this being hard to handle-hence not for me.
  10. dq: hehe, actually, true. it isn't that difficult to get into/out of! But it sure LOOKS difficult!