Is there a Mulberry you would never buy - which one?

  1. OK Mulberry girls - all designers miss the mark every now and again.
    Mulberry has had some big time hits with the Roxanne, Bayswater, Emmy and Araline to name but a few.
    Bayswater seems to be a perennial favourite based on the threads here as does Roxanne.
    So is there a Mulberry bag that you just can't stand and would never buy in a month of Sundays?
    Which bag, in your opinion, has been a big fat miss for Mulberry? And why?
  2. The one that springs to mind is a revolting multi-coloured bayswater in various shades of pink/ green. When the search feature starts working I'll see if I can find my original post on it! Also not fond of the butterfly bayswater - somehow looks creepy to me.
  3. im not at all fond of the black patent roxanne from the giles collection, with all the studs on... theres absolutely no way i would buy one of those.
  4. which one would you not buy sarajane?
  5. I absolutely loathe any of the studded Giles collection. I can't understand what on earth possessed Mulberry to go ahead with that collaboration!
    I don't dislike the Ayler but I wouldn't ever buy it and I really don't like the patent bayswater.
  6. I agree with the giles collection- wouldn't buy any of them in a zillion years!
  7. Whilst I probably wouldn't buy any of the Giles collection, I'd carry one if it was given to me :p! I would never buy (or carry!) the Ledbury, Bleinheim or Rosemary - any of the smaller versions of the bigger bags (ie Bayswater & Roxanne) as they just emphasise my size and make me appear huge :sad:

    sarajane - I've got an Ayler (only really bought it because it was such a good price - £195 reduced from £795) but it's great. Really handy for the summer. Weighs an absolute tonne, though, even for Mulberry!
  8. I would never buy any of the patent bags
  9. Zebra pony fur bayswater. Hate this bag.
  10. leopard print bayswater! How to take a gorgeous style and make it look tacky!
  11. Definitely I'm not a fan of the Giles range....but it does make Mulberry's image appear younger & more cutting edge, makes the whole brand cooler which gives a knock on effect on all the other styles and hence more sales........I'm not keen on the tooled leather look either....but everything else I just LUUUUUUUUUURVE:yahoo:

    The new range by Julie Verhoeven is gorgeous, I have the free canvas bag Mulberry gave out at London Fashion week, just love the design.
  12. I was loving the purple patent Mabel then saw it IRL in Fenwick today and the leather looks so plasticky, not keen at all, don't know what the fuss is about. The bag I really hate is the one with all the different coloured bits of leather looped together, not sure what it is called. Also hate all the patchwork Bayswaters.
  13. Not really a fan of the ayler or the elgin, or the Mulberry for Giles range........but I'd still probably carry one if it was given to me :p
  14. I just bought a patent Bayswater (chocolate) and now i'm really regretting it:crybaby:

  15. I don't mean to be noesy but why are you regretting it? I'm hopefully getting the purple patent bayswater in my stocking this xmas and if it has any pitfalls I'd rather consider them in advance bafore asking my OH to stump up £300!