Is there a Mulberry bag you no longer carry because it's dated?

  1. Mulberry bags are pretty classic but do you have a Mulberry that you bought and now no longer carry because it feels dated?
    I did wonder if this would happen to the Roxanne because it was such a bag of the moment and an 'IT' bag but it hasn't and still looks great.
    I still carry my Helier that I bought about 12 years ago but I definitely don't carry it as much as I used to. :confused1:
  2. Great thread -- anyone with a Mulberry they no longer use, send my way!!!
  3. Or me - I'm opening a Mulberry orphanage!!!!!
  4. Kroquet and Jue!!! That is hilarious!!!! I have only started owning Mulberries in the last four years or so,so I don't feel any of them have dated not yet at any rate!! I was like you with the Roxanne Sarajane,I thought as it was so distinctive looking and such an 'it' bag that it would date quickly and would be too distinctive to get away with it the future as it would be a 'past it bag', not so,and I think thats very true of an awful lot of them,I feel I'm bieng extremely clever and stylish by carrying a 'vintage' that still has respect and is adored just as much now as when it first hit the shops.

    And thats the other good thing about Mulberry I want to keep using them,bags I had before had a short shelf life,and were consigned to the back of the wardrobe(would have been as well going for a drink with Aslan,cos they never saw the light of day again until I gave them away) But my Mulberries just keep rockin' on!! And looking cool,classy,stylish and quietly distinctive I love them and can't wait for a newbie!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  5. I`m probably going to get my head ripped off , But -Do you not think that the Roxanne is dated , I think yes it still looks great but it is past season and slightly dated.

    Hey can`t wait for your replies:nuts::nuts::nuts:

    Oh and also I don`t think that the newer mulberries are so much classics as older ones they tend to date quicker , they come they go !!
  6. I do think its dated,but in a cool way,rather like its cool to wear an old Barbour,not a new one.I have to admit when I see a new Roxy,I just think, 'aww,did you miss the boat then?' it will look more cool when its aged and won't look like someone is jumping on the train waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy too late!!!!!I think its sort of alright to carry one thats aged so you look like one of the first 'wave' to get it and that lends it a sort of coolness in a vintage sort of way? Plus it cost to damn much to let it go on a bender with that scraggy old lion!!!!

    And I agree some of the new styles seem a bit disposable in the style stakes,but then I think that the agyness and mabel are set to be long runners????
  7. I think you're either a Roxanne girl or you're not. I'm with you Tara in feeling that the Roxy has had its day - not because of the bag itself but because of all the hype and exposure it had.
    'IT' mania might sell bags but I think it also shortens its shelf life. All you Roxy owners, please don't take offence! If you're still loving your Roxies, that's great!
    The only other bag I think is past its sell by date is Luella's Giselle - remember all the ho-ha about that one? Now I think it looks too twee. Gawd, hope no-one has one!!!
  8. Thats true,your either a Roxy gal or not,if I had'nt already got one,I really don't think I'd go for one now for precisely the reason of all the hoo-ha it caused and became so infamous,it definately can be time lined now,without a doubt!!!

    But the Bayswater,who really remembers when that came out??? A true classic!!!!!
  9. Just today, I happened to get my old oak Roxanne out, and I found she still looks so great with a winter jacket, and nobody else carries one now, so that makes her even more special.

    I will take pics of my really vintage congo leather bags for you, but I won't part with them even though there is hardly any opportunity to use them these days.

    And - hmmm - yes, I still have a Giselle, or actually two (dark brown and blue jean), and once in a while they do look gorgeous! :tup:

    I don't buy bags because of the hype (but I will not be discouraged from getting them because of the hype either), and so I still carry them happily when it's over.
  10. Fortunately,where I live most bag trends pass by 99.9% of the population and I can and do wear whatever I like.

    I no longer use my early 2005 Roxy as much as I used to (mainly because I have many more bags now,LOL)...but I still feel the same frisson of sheer pleasure whenever I do break her out.

    And no-one here knows that she's Roxy; just about everyone says "Where did you get that gorgeous leather bag?".

    Love her!! :love:
  11. Another thing is that there were never fake Roxy's here. I have seen a whole lot of fake and poorly inspired "Chloe Paddingtons" here...I don't even know whether the carriers know that their bags are rip-offs of an It Bag from yesteryear. However, I don't want to be associated with them by carrying my paddy, so though I still love her (first batch ever) as much as I ever did, she hasn't been used in about 18 months. Waiting for collective amnesia to set in and for the fakes to break.:p

    With Roxy I don't have these issues....
  12. Thats precisely why I turned a paddy down,over herein the UK really bad copies are everywhere,girls as young as twelve are seen with them acting all grown up!! Quite cute but more of a reason I did'nt want one!! Although its a lovely bag(I wanted one in sand color with stainless steel hardware) I just felt it had been done to death in this country. I still love and use my roxy as it is a beautiful leather bag!! And now winters getting closer I'm using it more all the time as its a lovely chocolate darwin it goes with so much of my winter stuff and its aging beautifully!!!!!!:tup:

    Btw,the baby in your avatar is so cute!!!!xx
  13. So true, I think this is the case for a heck of a lot of brands, Chloe Paddingtons are the latest but I steer clear of Gucci and LV because of the same thing. One of the reasons a lot of girls buy Mulberry is because you are getting 'a bag for life' so I don't think any of them ever date really. Plus they don't scream 'I'm a fashion victim :cutesy:' If your looking for an 'it' bag I don't think you go to Mulberry at all. :graucho:
  14. I think thats very true,I passed over the option of a lot of brands including Balenciaga,Dior,LV,Gucci etc I feel that as much as they roxy caused a storm when it came out it has a certain classiness that some off the other It bags can't seem to maintain,maybe thru over exposure,faking etc I'm not sure how to put my finger on it and explain it properly really.But if I had'nt already got one,I think I would baulk at getting one now and pehaps have gone for the Elgin first,I'm not sure,but I am glad I've got my beloved Roxy and even though shes aging shes still more gorgeous than some of the other It bags I looked at!!!xx:heart:
  15. I personally would not be opposed to carrying a Roxy, so if any of you lovely ladies are tired of yours, send them on!!!!!!