Is there a Monogram Koala Change Purse???

  1. There's a Damier one on eluxury but no Monogram??? I'm all ready to order my Speedy 30 in Monogram but now I'm waiting b/c I don't see a koala change purse in monogram :sad: . Does it exist and maybe it's just sold out at the moment??? I like the new Damier Speedy 30, but I'm not sure I want it just yet - figures that there's a Damier Koala Change Purse..................a sign from the Purse God??? Also, does anyone know if eluxury is going to be offering free shipping anytime soon???
  2. I just checked and I see a Koala Wallet and Koala Card Holder, that's it in mono. Maybe try calling 866-vuitton?? Good luck!
  3. Yes, there is a mono Koala change purse but they are hard to find because they sold out really fast. Try to track one down by calling 866 VUITTON. Sorry, but I'm not sure about the eluxury free shipping thing.
  4. yeah, there is. go to the 4th page of mono small leather goods. its $560.
  5. ^^ That one for $560 is the koala wallet, not change purse.
  6. yes there's a mono koala change purse but they're super hard to find!!!
  7. Are you guys sure about this?
    I saw the Damier Koala Change Purse and loved it!
    I asked the SA if they made it in any other line and she said no...just Damier....but then again it won't be the first time a SA don't know about something.
    I would really like this wallet in Vernis or even Monogram.

    Can someone call LV and ask. I can't dial 1800 numbers from here.
  8. Omg I am in love with this change purse. If it came in epi, vernis or MC I'd totally get it!!