Is there a Modern Chain Tote that is larger than this?

  1. 12 x 11 (high) x 9 and has chains ONLY in the shoulder strap? I have found this one on eBay and the style is EXACTLY what I'm looking for..... but it needs to be bigger. eBay says it's a NWT Modern Chain Tote w/retail price at $1695.

    Ladies? Does anyone know if a larger one exsists and if so, any suggestions for a retailer? TIA
  2. I don't see a photo, but if you look in the reference section you will see photos of the east/west mc chain tote, which is larger than the one you describe.
  3. There is a larger e/w modern chain. Monica has two i think and I am sure they would be pictured in the ref section. If you can't find them, let me know.
  4. I asked about this very tote in the authenticate thread (Mon and Michelle had never seen it, but thought it looked okay). I'm getting it, because I was the first to place an offer with the seller and need to pay... the only thing stopping me is that no one has seen this tote, but it is exactly what I have been looking for! He is offering a money back guarantee in regards to authenticity... here is the related link:
    eBay: Auth CHANEL Black Caviar Modern Chain Tote Bag $1650NWT (item 190088712781 end time Mar-09-07 18:30:00 PST)
  5. Is this the bag? (From VipStyle's thread)
  6. That is actually the Caviar and Pony tote from the fall 2006 season. It's a cool, edgy bag which has the chain of the Modern Chain tote without the intertwined leather on the handles.
  7. Yes, that is the bag!! Ohhh, okay, I'm so glad someone knows about the bag, thanks so much roey, and tlprmn for the picture! :smile: The seller purchased it at Saks also, I love the look of this bag so much, I don't have an edgy, but functional black tote... IMO. caviar is ideal for a tote, because it handles any wear and tear the best (though I baby my "babies" haha).
  8. YES!! That is the bag!!! Does it/did it come in a larger size?

    I am SO concerned about purchaseing off of eBay as an article in Parade said that 85% of ALL designer bags purchased off of ebay are fakes.

    Lucky girl you are for getting it as it appears to be the real deal!!!:smile:
  9. I *love* the Caviar and Pony tote! You got a great deal on that bag and I'm going to bet you will love it IRL!!
  10. did you get the bag? Looks great...It does look alot like my modern chain.
  11. I got it for $1150 actually, because as soon as I saw it, after posting it in the authenticate this thread and e-mailing the seller several times, I didn't want it to get away and put in an offer hoping for the best! :smile: He is shipping it out tomorrow, so I will post pics when it comes :smile: I can't wait, yay!

  12. congrats!!!
  13. I saw that bag at my NM yesterday:yes: