Is there a MJ that you're hoping to get Christmas?

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  1. Tis the season... for someone to give me a free MJ!! LOL...
    What do you want for Christmas??:girlsigh:
    I'm wishing for a patchwork bordeaux Ines or a soft calf something in Lilac or Grey.:love:
  2. I want a Venetia. Ideally, I want it in Indigo but that's no where to be found so a Black one would be nice too.
  3. If someone were to bless me with a MJ bag for Christmas, I would want a Parker. In either Marshmallow or Lilac.
  4. i would love to get one of the stones bag on sale as a present for myself. i still can't get the stones clutch out of my head!
  5. pale grey venetia or oatmeal blake :love:
  6. list would be too long! LOL! But the first two that came to my head are the Seventies Satchel in either Indigo or Elephant or a Patchwork Klein in Cherrytart. :girlsigh:
  7. ^ I really like the Elephant color!! great choices!
  8. well right now..i have lots of mj... all i want is the sugenie patchwork in cherytart for the holiday parties, i won't carry a huge bag
  9. I guess I would want any MJ bag or all of them. I am so indecisive and so broke, I can't think of any one in particular. :P
  10. a light grey venetia with gold hardware! i don't think santa has the funds though...but hey, you never know!!
  11. Hey cutie, it's been a long time since I've seen you here! :kiss:
  12. ^^I was thinking the same thing. It's good to hear from you Erika! I hope the Resort 07 bags have caught your interest.
  13. I would want the lt. grey venetia:woot:
  14. I'd like a Bleeker in maroon with nickel hardware. If it existed. Which I'm pretty sure it didn't. Sigh.
  15. ^ aww... how about Amethyst with gold hardware? Eeeks, I know you're not a fan of GH but thought I'd mention it.