Is there a minimum age for a girl to own LV?

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  1. I had this discussion with my SO. We had differing opinions.

    I agree you don't want to raise a child with an entitled attitude who doesn't appreciate things, but on the other hand I think the type of person they become has much more to do with other aspects: rules, expectations, goals,etc as opposed to gifts.

    I also believe the likes/dislikes and maturity level of the child factor in as well.

    I don't think a pochette is an unreasonable gift for an older teen (16+) but it also depends on that person & the circumstances around the gift (ie not "happy birthday, merry Christmas, happy 31st of the month, here's a bag")

    I think something to commemorate a milestone birthday or accomplishment is reasonable.

    This is coming from someone who's first LV was a gift to herself after being 6 months into her first job at the age of 29. But I had leather coach bags as a teenager.

    What do you think?
  2. My two daughters are both in college and they are already borrowing some of my bags,they know these bags are a bit pricey so they really take good care of them.So to answer your question.. I think as long you already know how to really take good care and value something that's so expensive then you are ready for your first LV
  3. I agree. There are some 14/15 year olds in my life (cousins) that I would trust 100% with one of my bags for a special occasion. Others, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them! It depends so much on the personality... Although I guess it's the same with women of any age!
  4. My daughter is 12 and she has a Bloomsbury for her to bring her Ipad and Nintendo 3DS out on weekends. She also has a tri- color leather messenger bag from Kate Spade and a Coach Bag from the Poppy range I just find it weird that she should be carrying cheap, poorly made bags while mommy and daddy dearest are toting around the top of the line stuff. All I asked is that she never carry designer bags to school ( she has a Deuter backpack for school) and that she takes care of them and so far she has observed these rules.
  5. I grew up as an only child, and I had everything I've ever wanted. However, in most occasions, I had to earn them, either by doing housework, or getting good grades.
    Because I was always provided, I couldn't wait to have the power to buy for my parents, and myself.
    So, as long as she/he has the appreciation for the gifts given, I don't think it's too young. Frankly, an LV for some is like Coach for others.
    That said, the first LV/designer item I purchased was for my mom (bc I know she'll never buy herself one) while I had a minimum wage part-time job in college.
    Then, I awarded myself my first item at my graduation :smile:
  6. I find this question quite odd. How many parents buy their children their first cars. This to me is more likely to encourage the entitlement attitude than a $500 hand bag. At the end of the day, parenting is up to the parent and the child will hold values and behaviours that they have been tought. E.g. I was in subway and this 5yo was banging on the glass where the cookies are and screached to her mother "I want that one". No please or thankyou whatsoever.

    So if you believe that your child is responsible enought and understands the value of money and being humble then why not.
  7. No minimum. I see infants running around with their parents iphones all the time. Therefore its not really about how expensive something is but when the child starts to appreciate the item.

    When does a girl begin to differentiate, FOR THEMSELVES, a Louis Vuitton bag with some other bag?

    That is when they are ready for an LV.

    Honestly from reading this forum, many of us have family and friends who are not ready to own an LV because they don't understand it.
  8. My daughter is 4 and when she was 3 I bought her a mini MC speedy. She loves it and is so careful with it and she isn't bratty or entitled. It's just a purse.
  9. She sounds like such a cutie… I think I remember she did a reveal?
  10. I would love to see this! How cute! :hbeat:
  11. To each individual. If I have a kid, I wouldn't buy or give her any of my purses till she is able to afford one on her own ability. I wouldn't judge otherwise though. It's only a purse afterall.
  12. Agree. If I have children I would not buy one for them until they are an adult and can appreciate luxury goods. Personally, I think they are other things a parent should spend on their children - better education, music lessons, travel etc.This is only for me though and I would not judge others if they do so.
  13. in my opinion, adults notice this stuff much more than children or young adults. when i moved into my first college dorm at 18, my roommate had all kinds of material goods. lv, tiffany, vca, 7 for all mankind name it, she had it. i noticed it, but i didnt think anything of it. my mom, on the other hand, noticed it and felt self conscious for me!

    this girl was the nicest, most understanding girl ive ever lived with, and i credit her parents for that. she had everything a girl could want, and probably had had everything she could want for many years, but she didnt act like it. its all in how you're brought up!

  14. totally agree! 👍
  15. I think it is an individual thing.
    My 17 year old has a speedy B DE & a mono Eva.
    She is quite spoilt, BUT she had to contribute $ to their purchase so she understands why she has to take extra care of them.

    That said - she has always been taught to take care of & respect any thing.
    Cheap purse. Expensive purse. Her own body. Other people's feelings. Etc