is there a MINI COFFER??

  1. does anyone know is there a mini coffer?
    i have posted a thread in NAME THAT, but no response.

    i saw it in a taiwan fashion program, the design is exactly the same with COFFER, but in a much smaller size, with strap as well.

    do u guys know the price of it??
    and please post pictures if u have.

  2. Yes! I saw a couple in Hong Kong boutique (landmark). I think it's around HKD 8000 or USD 1,000 (not cheap compared to the regular coffer).

    Like you said, the size is much smaller than the regular one. IMHO, the regular size is much better...
  3. I saw the mini one and it really caught my eye in Singapore's boutique. The strap was long enough for cross body style. There was only one and was in black. True to its name, it's really mini, more suitable for a girl's night out where you can only pack in lippies, cards and cellphone.
  4. thanks for the info!
    i am going back to hk soon, so will have a look by myself later.

    i think it's really cute but then, the price is not cheap at all.
  5. Is it available in the United States, also? I saw someone wearing one and did a double take because it was so adorable. Hers was in red. I would love one in black.