Is there a midpoint between Truffle and Toasted Almond?

I have searched the forum threads to help me but alas my eyes just started to deceive me....I have Truffle and it is getting too dark for me now. Toasted Almond is lovely but too light. Is there something in the middle or just touch lighter than the middle? It can be a past or current crunch. I can't tell where Caramel falls and am wondering if Bark is as dark as Truffle. Thanks......
^^Thanks so much for that link. I did not come across that thread well at least not that I remember last night at 11pm....The comparison to your Postage Tramp was especially helpful. If you still have IA, do you like the way the caramel has distressed?


Dec 24, 2008
I do like the way it has distressed. I don't wear my bags to death, so it hasn't distressed that much. And I don't treat them, so I like the look.



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Feb 26, 2008
Hmm, that was a really good question since tano does really chocolatey deep browns, and then toasted almond is the nice light color... caramel is gorgeoussssss for sure but I can't think of any other mid-tone browns off hand! Hmm!
I didn't think there was mid-ground crunch but I wanted to be sure. I agree Joan, the saddle looks like it fits the bill. I was trying to stay away from it because I already have a bag (non Tano) in a similar leather and was looking for a "justifiable" next bag purchase:smile: