Is there a messenger Betty

  1. Hi

    I like the Betty (as I've said hundreds of times so far:love:), so I was wondering whether there is a style that could be carried as a messenger bag? :confused1:
    I believe it is possible with the chain betty, but am not sure about the betty hobo.
    Thank you!
  2. I have both the chain Betty & the Betty hobo and neither can be worn as a Messenger bag. I don't about other styles of the Betty, though.

    I think the Bay Messenger, which is now on sale on is beautiful....
  3. Thank you, Equalizer... :tup:
    How good is the hobo? Is it confortable to wear over the shoulder? I have a small Betty on its way here (that is, when the seller decides to ship it, it's taking her ages...) but really need a nice black bag and I thought the betty hobo looks nice and should be practical.
    Thank you again! Have a great weekend!
  4. Absolutely love the hobo. Great length for the shoulder strap of about 10". Single strap is 1-1/2" wide and extremely comfortable. The bag itself is so lightweight, I believe it is around 1-1/2 lbs. empty. Great bag!!!
  5. Thank you.:heart:.. I will check if something nice comes up on eBay... once I receive the small betty which is taking ages...!
  6. maria - it IS taking a long time. I hope it makes its way to you soon...
  7. Be sure to post pics Maria, when you receive your small Betty! I have 2 small Betties & I love them. It is just the perfect bag for me.
  8. It should be here on Friday... I will have to figure out a way of blocking my husband from seeing the postman and the "delivery event"...
    Any ideas (not involving too much violence on either of them) would be welcome...
    I'll try and hide the bag until January... Hubby is really picky and wouldn't buy the "it got it out of my closed" alibi...
  9. ^^I know what you mean, in regards to your hubby. Mine actually is quite aware of every new bag that I get. Sometimes I wish he were more like my father, who is oblivious to any new bag that my mother buys. As for the postman, if you know when the bag is suppose to arrive, somehow get to the door & get the package before he has a chance to ring the bell. Then just stash it somewhere until it's time to let him know what you bought!