Is there a medium striped beauty case?

  1. First, hooray to all the new items on Coach's website - the patent looks beautiful! Second, two questions: is there a medium beauty case in the stripe fabric, like there is in the signature stripe? I love the look of the stripes but like the smaller size a bit more. Also...what exactly are the cell phone charms for? I wonder every time I'm on the website or in a store. What do you do with them?
  2. Hey! Unfortunetly there is only the big one in the beauty case :/ However the cell phone charms hang off of your cell phone, digital camera or PDA. There is two tiny holes that you loop it through, next time you're in the Coach store- the girls there can show you :smile:
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! I need to see the large one in person - my Ali needs some more goodies to hold. :smile: So the charms are just decoration? That's what I figured. I don't get it, but...they're cute.
  4. I have the cell I can wear my cell like a bracelet...its nice to have it handy...or if I'm walking and talking using my headset its close buy but not being held at my ear. My mom just has a charm one..and when she tucks her phone in her pocket she lets the charm hang out and its jewelry for your jeans!
  5. like others have said. there is no medium stripe cosmetic case.

    which i'm really pissed about. i love the smaller size then the bigger. and i love the stripes. i also like the black stripe (reversible) one and that too, along with the gold, only comes in a big size...and the planner for stripes only come in big size..

    it's like a conspiracy (sp) or something..Grrr..i just might end up getting the bigger planner and bigger cosmetic case.
  6. Work is running me ragged today/this week so I'm debating going to Coach to take a look at the beauty case and the patent wristlets in person...assuming they're in stores since they're on the web, right?
  7. sorry to hear about that! work sometimes can zap the energy out of you..i just sometimes realize for me how much energy talking and even just writing a sincere thank you note card can be draining after a while.

    as for your question.

    it was there on monday for my store!

    i love the mahgony patent wristlet..i had the white and blue and i returned it because it wasn't screaming "wow" but i love the mahgony..and the inside lining...gorgous (sp).

    the legacy wristlets are cute too.
  8. I bought the striped beauty case tonight - once I saw it in person that made up my mind on it, and then to see it's lined in pink to could I say no?

    I love the Coach notecards - Coach ought to sell a little stationery!
  9. ^^Really ms-whitney? You liked the brown better? I haven't seen them in real, but I've been debating today between blue and brown, but the brown looks gorgeous!
  10. Did you like the brown skinny"?
  11. ugh. the blue doesn't even match! =( mini skinny wise the blue is like a sky blue..which i think doesn't look nearly as well as the blue on the tote itself.

    so brown all the way.

    allieann, coach does sell little notebook, 3$ and some coach cards with coach on it for 6$ i think ..or was it 8$? i forget. you never know..if enough pple ask, coach might, or it might be an outlet thing
  12. I'll have to look the next time I'm at an outlet, ms-whitney!

    I thought the patent stuff was beautiful - hope Coach will do it again in more colors. If there was a red or pink, I'd be all over it.