Is there a MbMJ in Boston?

  1. The MJ website only shows a Marc Jacobs shop in Boston. Is there a MbMJ anywhere in the city?

    I want to book a short break and want to go somewhere where there is a MbMJ store - shallow I know :lol:
  2. There is definitely a MbyMJ store in Boston on Newbury St. Its right below the MJ store. :biggrin: There's always tonnes of goodies in the MbyMJ store. I miss Boston! :crybaby:
  3. Thank you. I think we will book spring break then.
  4. You're more than welcome. Do post the goodies that you buy once you return! :p
  5. Oh YEAH there is, and it's AMAZING!!!! I was there the day before yesterday - I didn't even bother going upstairs (didn't have time, actually) and spent my allotted 10 minutes in M by MJ (I was with a group of non-shoppers).

    They had that store stuffed to the CEILING with awesome stuff, and the SAs were all sweet and helpful. I only picked up a few little baubles (I'll post soon), but they seriously had so much fun stuff in there.

    I can't wait to go back! I LOVED Boston - you're going to have a blast. Be sure to go to Japonaise for Azuki cream buns. :drool: