Is there a matching wallet to the new chocolate Carly???

  1. Hi everyone! I just ordered the new chocolate Carly that you ALL have been raving about! I ordered the medium size 10619. I LOVE to have matching wallets to my bags, so I was wondering if anyone purchased a matching wallet to the new chocolate Carly as of yet and if YES, what is the style number? I am having a problem finding a match on the coach site. Thanks soooo much and looking forward to seeing more pics!
  2. Lynn posted in her last thread (Rainbow06) that there is a matching Signature Carly wallet. She did not list the item number. I would call Coach and ask them about it.
    I am sure that they can find the item number for you.
  3. I called my boutique and they told me that ANY brown sig wallet would match...what a GREAT help! Does anyone know the exact style number of the wallet(s) that match the chocolate Carly? Thanks!
  4. Since there's not actually a wallet made for the Carly, yet, a lot of my customers have chosen the khaki patchwork wallets, the hamptons weekend patchwork wallet, sig stripe wallets, and the legacy wallets in a complimentary color. Most even forgot about having to match because they loved the color or design of the wallet they bought.
  5. well I had ordered the sig slim wallet #6K10 in SV/DB but actually they are coming out with a legacy wallet (with the kisslock & turnlock closure and in brass that will match it better) and the number for that is #40719 B4/BR $248 (it's gonna look like #40524 as far as style but in all choc brown)

    40718 $208 is for the legacy french wallet
    40721 $98 is for the legacy wristlet
  6. Thanks everybody!!!!! I am going to check them ALL out and will let you know which one I wind up with! In the mean time if anyone buys one as well, let ME know!!!!! Thanks again!
  7. Hi everyone! I just ordered 6K05 in chocolate to match the Carly...the SA on the phone told me it was a perfect match. I think it's a Hamptons wallet. I called Coach and the SA was VERY helpful. If I dont like it when it gets here, I can always bring it back to my boutique, but I lose the $8.50 shipping, which, when you think about it, is no big deal if I really dont like the wallet! I have this wallet already in khaki w/ the new stripe of camel and tobacco, used it ALL winter and LOVED it. It's small and cute, so I am hoping I like it just as much in the chocolate! Thanks for ALL of your replies, and PLEASE...if anyone sees an EXACT match to the chocolate carly, let me know!!!!!!!!!
  8. you got the smaller version of mine, it's the mini wallet like shown below but in all brown. I mentioned above that the legacy wallet should match perfectly, I'll let you know when I get mine in the mail........whenever that will be.

  9. YES!!! That's the one I ordered in the pic!!! I actually ASKED about the legacy wallet and the SA on the phone told me she knew NOTHING about that one!!!! I was soooooooo mad b/c I think the legacy wallet will look GREAT w/ the Carly b/c of the turnlock closure on it! If you remember, can you post pics after you get it? Thanks soooooooooo much! I could always exchange this one! Do you think this one in all brown will match the chocolate Carly?