Is there a market for pre-owned ring settings?

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  1. Hi all,

    I was hoping to get some direction on what I can do with a platinum Simon G. halo setting that I have?

    Is there a market for pre-owned settings? I was told by a jeweler to just put a gemstone into it (but halos aren’t my style anymore).

    My setting was made for a 1 carat stone- is that hard to sell? Any advice appreciated!
  2. Try loupetroop or diamondbistro
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  3. Thanks for the leads! I just saw my exact setting being sold on diamondbistro. Thank you!!!
  4. Not really. You can try those sites but things like this don't move super quickly. Preowned in general.
  5. Do you have a pic?
  6. $300 is West you'll get if lucky
  7. It’s this exact one but platinum. I found an eBay sellers pic because my center stone has been removed already. 1160C8B1-322F-4BE1-9A57-7C307919B793.png CCC671F4-DA28-4550-B729-81A8DB49E9B0.png
  8. It’s so pretty!!! Have you tried I do now I don’t, or maybe even eBay?
  9. I’ve thought of EBay but wondered if there’s a site more dedicated to birds jewelry.

    Thanks for the tip about I do, Now I dont!

  10. Birds jewelry?
    Also, if you do not feel comfortable selling yourself on EBay. You could also consign with a big seller such as doverjewelry or SFLmaven. I have only bought from them but they do consign. There are so high traffic, they would get you good money. I also notice that they sometimes sell settings.
  11. LOL bridal jewelry. My fast typing!

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  12. There’s also a website called Some of the sellers on there sell semi-mounts. Good luck!
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  13. I think there is a big market for preowned settings on eBay and that a setting for a 1 Ct stone is a popular size, but the sales prices may be on the low side. I have bought a couple settings myself on eBay since I could not find exactly what I wanted new, and didn't want to pay for custom work.
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