Is there a Marc Jacobs outlet somewhere?

  1. is there any marc jacobs outlets? I have been searching the web, didn't find any. thanks
  2. not that i'm aware of :sad: but off 5th, last call, and the Nordies rack probably all carry mj.
  3. I've seen MJ at Off 5th. Bags too!
  4. Strange because in the book, The Fashionista Files, (more of a shopping/lifestyle manual, not fiction) one of the author talks about being at an outlet mall and nearly passing out because she discovered a Marc Jacobs outlet having a 75% off sale. Ridic. I know. But is it real? I have no idea....
  5. MJ Boston had 70% off several discontinued lines this past spring... don't know if they'll do it again.
  6. I stopped by Nordstrom Rack and found a few MJ bags that are like 40% off retail or so.
  7. my aunt got the cherry blossom hobo the other day for around 400.. original price was around 1000.. :biggrin:
  8. o yea it was at off fifth's at grapevine mills
  9. I recently saw Marc Jacobs bags at Off Fifth at the Woodbury common Outlets in NY. I glanced at them, but not my style really.

    Heck, Woodbury might even have a mj store there, they have EVERY designer name I've ever heard of there....quite a collection of stores.
  10. I've seen Marc by Marc Jacobs bags at Century 21 recently (thought that might not be what you're looking for).
  11. In Dallas area I have seen MJ bags at both Off 5th and Neimans Last Call.
  12. a few years ago, there was one Marc Jacobs outlet
    in Woodbury Common NY, which now became Pucci/Celine.
    Also at their store (at least the one in NYC on mercer st) shoes and
    clothing will go down to 70% off end of the season, but not handbags.
  13. thanks ladies for your inputs. too bad I live in Canada, but I'm going on a trip to nyc before xmas. xsohaute, the author is funny. though i would pass out too if i see his stuff went on 75% off. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1044520", true);
  14. Does anybody know if there´s a outlet in London? thanks
  15. does any know when the mercer street store will be going on sale?