Is there a magazine devoted to handbags?

  1. A few weeks ago I was in the salon and there was this great magazine, kind of like a gossip rag, but with so much focus on celebrity fashion (specifically handbags. Like nothing I'd seen. I was intending to take the magazine home with me, but I forgot about it after my hair was done. Anyone know what magazine I was looking at?
    Are there any handbag mags out there?
  2. Ohhh I haven't heard of one but I would subscribe. Hmmm...maybe I should start my own. I did get my degree in journalism!?!! LOL How fun would that be!?! :nuts:
  3. You were going to steal the mag? :roflmfao:

    I'm also curious of that magazine too.
  4. Why dont you go back to the salon and ask the owner for it. I am sure they are happy to give it to you!
  5. I think the closest thing is Elle Accessories which comes out in the Fall & Spring. They concentrate on "accessories", but bags usually have a pretty big focal point.
  6. I have this magazine called "WWD Accessories- The Ultimate guide to the Best bags and Shoes". I got the Fall 2006 issue at Barne&Noble. It's pretty impressive, covering all designers I think! I was on the look out for this kind of magazines and stumbled upon this. I am not sure how often they publish it, my guess is by the 4 seasons.
  7. I have an issue of People magazine called "People Style Watch". I don't know how often it comes out, but my copy is dated October 2006. It is completely devoted to celeb fashion and style with lots of pix and info on handbags. Could this be it? It has Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, and Jessica Alba on the front cover. HTH!
  8. That sounds awesome....O need to get that one!
  9. Life and Style -- it's kind of a People/Star with fashion.
  10. Syntagma- DO!

    Irissy- It wouldn't be the first time I asked a salon owner if I could buy a magazine I'd been reading in the salon. They never take my money, however.

    Puteri- I would in a heartbeat if I knew what I'd been looking at!

    Thanks to all who responded with these great clues! I'm definitely making a trip to Borders!
  11. i would love to read a magazine devoted to purses. It would get me on track for whats in and out
  12. yes there is but mostly japanese after page of handbags :smile: too bad i can't understand what is written though...
  13. i've seen lots of japanese magazines about handbags. they feature almost all the new handbag styles with the prices too, but in yen :P
  14. If you go to Kinokuniya booksellers, they have tons of handbag magazines... it is literally a cataloguing of all the bags by resellers and some mags feature matching outfits. Look for Sassy, Joy Brand - these have as many as 30 bags grouped on a single page. About $5 a magazine.
  15. Got it last night...amazing! I really recommend it too :smile:

    Thanks for the tip