is there a louis vuitton outlet?

  1. oh no! there never will be.
  2. i'm kind of glad. it keeps it more exclusive (oh man, i sound like such a snob!) on that note, i'm surprised that chanel has one! but then again, they have in-store sales, too.
  3. i guess that there inst any now
  4. i dont have a chanel store in my town ..
    i never knew that had in stores sales in them
    when do they have these sales
    i wanna know so i can go :p
  5. There are NO Louis Vuitton outlets... boo hoo...

    I have looked all over the world and found that the best prices are naturally to be found in France, but it's still not THAT much of a saving.

    I have a Louis Vuitton mini pleaty on my business site (Charlotte's Auction - you can't buy it though, you have to win it, but it's only for the UK) and Louis Vuitton is soooo popular and exclusive that I don't think it'll ever need to have a discount outlet.

    At least one Louis V is essential for your collection though isn't it? I feel like mine goes with everything, I even carry it when I'm wearing my cargos and ugg boots! :biggrin:
  6. just a little tip - if you ever come across a vendor selling louis vuitton at a "special discounted price" for ANY reason (its an older style, defect in the make blah blah) it is probably 99.9% FAKE. there are so many very good fakes out there it is very hard to tell unless you know exactly what to look for (the number of stitches on the handle, the placement of the LVs etc) and people will say anything to sell them. licensed vendors will NEVER discount real vuitton because louis vuitton DOES NOT ALLOW DISCOUNTS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! and if they say it is discounted because it is a defected product then you should know that LV licensed vendors are not supposed to sell them, they go back to LV and are destroyed - NOT sent to warehouse or outlet stores. If anything, the vendor would RAISE the retail price on an "older style" because nowadays the older pieces are so coveted. Legit vendors always want to get the most money out of their sale. non legit ones are happy to get anything for a fake, because they are selling their $5 fake for hundreds of dollars.

    Louis Vuitton products are just one of those luxury items that you can't ever get discounts on in retail - which is why it is such a status symbol.

    If you want help spotting a fake LV, go to and search for "louis vuitton fake" under "guides" and there are some really good articles written there by someone named "Fashionphile"
  7. Hi,

    I wish but it doesn't exist anyone...:crybaby:
  8. They do go "on sales", but these are private sales upon invitation only. My uncle has gotten invitations in the past.
  9. I have seen belts and shoes on sale in sinapore before. with my own eyes.
  10. the only sale I know of is the damage sale for LV employees. I have been to one before (employees can invite family). Damaged purses and leather goods go on sale, as well as discontinued items (shoes, clothing, etc).
  11. Sadly no outlet store -- that would be the proverbal Oz for some folks on here
  12. From what I've heard, LV burns all the old bags that do not sell in order to avoid discounting them. (pretty wasteful, IMO). Not sure if it's true, it's just what I've heard.
  13. it would be fabulous if there were a secret outlet in which only the true loyal purse fanatics could enjoy ......but alas. i do appreciate the simple fact of zero outlets it maintains the value and treasure of each bag
  14. We can keep on dreaming... :push::roflmfao:
  15. LV does burn bags, but that rarely happens. They are sent from store to store in hopes to be sold. If they are not sold, they are sold to employees at a massive discount.

    Then again LV doesn't over produce bags.