is there a louis vuitton outlet?

  1. please tell me
    and where it ?
    thanx in advance
  2. no, there aren't any LV outlets :smile:
  3. No outlets for LV to this date, sorry.
  4. I don't think they exist although a girl in Belgium told me there are outlets there. I trust her though since I completed many transactions with her and even bought an LV bag off her.
  5. ^^^ are you sure the bag you bought is authentic? :s
  6. Nope, there isn't any!
  7. Never was - Never will be!
  8. Yeah, the bag is real. SHe didn't buy that one from an outlet.
  9. i wish!
  10. nope- lv maintain that they do not have outlets or do they go on sale.. so once things are gone they are gone. thats why madnerin can still be found in some places.. they jsut keep them till they sell them.. other places would have put the reaminnig peices on sale bu now..
  11. I would be leary buying from someone who states that they bought an LV item from an "outlet". Outlets DO NOT EXIST. Outlet might be another term for "super fake". Even if that person says the items she is selling is not from the outlet I would steer clear.
  12. There are no LV outlets in Belgium or anywhere else...every time I go to Europe I try to find out if there's a secret place to save on designer bags but they are VERY protective. I have been to Belgium many times and there is definitely no outlet!
  13. I heard there are LV workers who steal bags from the factory and sell it for a lower price in the market....
    Most of the bags are like messed up somewhere because the employee did not make it right. I believe every LV bag are suppost to be PERFECT before it goes on the counter. All the bags that are made wrong will be burned. No wonder they cost so much and every year the price goes up =(
  14. No there isn't. LV doesn't discount their prices so why would they have an Outlet store :confused1:
  15. we all wish...............