Is there a Louis Vuitton authenticator in Australia


Aug 20, 2009
Hi Fellow beautiful purse lovers,
I recently won at auction on eBay a Louis Vuitton package of a
Louis Vuitton Monogram Mini Lin Croisette Speedy/Rouge and wallet but when they arrived the bag was a replica and the wallet is authentic. I filed a claim with Paypal and was instructed that I required a visual authentification from someone recognised in this field to confirm the bag is not authentic. I emailed Carol Ives @ and she was wonderfully helpful. I sent her an email with 32 photos of the bag & she did a 13 point authenification on the bag and it was found to be NON-authentic.
I faxed all this information to Paypal within the time frame they provided.
5 days passed and then they emailed me telling me that the bag requires authentification 'IN PERSON'.
I was allowed an additional 10 days to provide this info.I am very eager for help in finding out if there is anyone in Australia that provides a recognised Authentification service' otherwise I have 10 days to send the bag to Carol for hand-held visual authenfication. I paid $485 for the two items and this has been a very expensive and upsetting proccess so I'm desperate for knowledge- does the service of Authenticating highend designer handbags exist in Australia...???
Please help...