Is there a list somewhere of reputable sellers?

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  1. Please re-direct me if there's already a thread for this...

    I know we have a list of non-paying bidders, and there is a lot of discussion about dishonest sellers, but do we have a list anywhere of reputable ebay sellers? If not, I think it would be a good idea to compile one. I browse a ton for purses on ebay, but I'm always hesitant to place bids. I'd feel a lot more comfortable committing if I knew I was buying from a tried-and-true seller. :yes:

    Perhaps we can just use this thread to start a list and everyone can reply with the IDs of reputable sellers they've purchased from?
  2. I think that it was decided against a while back on the forum. I think just posting the bags people want to buy in the authenticate this forums are the best way too go. Theres no way too fully endorse a seller and be 100% positive that they wont ever sell a fake, intentionally or accidentally. IMO
  3. there are so many.... plus even if there was the list, what is to stop dishonest person from adding themself to lists?
  4. I agree with what barmakianbags said. There are many reputable sellers on Ebay but sometimes I dont think even they realize that they are selling a fake. Recently there was an incident with one of the reputable sellers on Ebay and the authenticators on the sub forum authenticated one of his/ her bags are fake. Probably the seller didnt even know. It can also be dangerous for any newbie on this forum, if they just rely on the 'list' without knowing that each bag should be authenticated individually, chances are that they might get burnt. Just MPO :smile:
  5. I agree with all of the above, however on some of the sub-forums for particular brands e.g. Hermes, you will find lists of reputable resellers many of which are on Ebay. You might want to check those out if you have a particular interest. I am most familiar with the Hermes section, but am sure there are other similar areas in other sub-forums. HTH
  6. ^
    Yup ~ I would guess that each forum has a list so to speak... You can do a search in any subforum for the name of the seller your are browsing or you can do a search for reputable sellers - sellers - trusted sellers - You will get a good selection to view in most cases. If you don't get anything in a search - just post to the suthenticate thread in the respective forum and ask if anyone knows about the seller... Someone is likely to spill the beans... :yes: