Is there a list of previous seasons' lg. MPs? I'm thinking of calling

  1. one of the MJ boutiques and asking them to check with the warehouse the availability of certain discon't. colors, but I'm not sure if what I'm looking for was ever available in the lg. mp.
  2. Thank you, Kirsten! I think I've narrowed the colors down to Honey and Butterscotch. I'm looking for a very soft buttery yellow.
  3. ^ sounds delicious! have you looked at tapioca?
  4. Kittybag, I overlooked the Tapioca! From one of the pics posted, it is *very* pretty! I have to find more pics and now compare the Tapioca to the Honey.

  5. I'd have to put in a vote in for Stone too, I saw this color at LC and it was so pretty! Looked yellow to me, and it has a nice burgundy suede interior.
  6. ^ thithi, I haven't seen stone IRL, didn't realize it had yellow undertones.. grrr now I like it even more! I was watching a stone venetia on eBay... the burgundy suede looks divine!!!
  7. LOL... I was probably watching the same auction for fun, one day I hope to add a yellow something or other to my collection! Not now, maybe after my bag ban!