Is There A Limit To How Much You Will Spend?

  1. You guys seem to spend a lot on bags. With bags out there that cost thousands of dollars to own, there are few who will pay $15,000 or something for a bag. Do you place a limit on how much you spend on a single bag?
  2. If my parents are willing to pay then sure I would spend $15,000 on a bag, but the most I have actually spent is only about $5,000 for an LV. I do not place a "limit" on what I would spend but I have a general range I usually stay in which is ofourse more than it should be but what can you do when you fall in love with a bag.
  3. Is there a bag out there more expensive than the Hermes Birkin?
  4. There are plenty of bags out there costing $15,000, I think Ralph Lauren had one this year that was around $12,000. It was made of Ostrich I believe which accounts for the high price. Today it seems that $15,000 is not uncommon for the cost of a bag, and people are willing to spend.
  5. The bags also should be practical. You don't want to spend $15000 just because you like the look. You should actually use the bag.
  6. There isn't really a limit but I do have a comfort zone. Funds are good, but hell they aren't like Bill Gates unlimited :lol:
  7. I absolutely love bags but anyone would be willing to spend $15,000 on a bag? No offense to anyone but I would rather buy a car or invest the money into a house or even to decorate it. I don't think a purse is every worth that much just to get the look or label. :suspiciou Can anyone tell me why they would spend that much? Are you just loaded?
  8. right now, it's completely about what my parents will buy for me. i don't even like to think what it will be like when/if it's up to me to fund my handbag addiction.
  9. well i see bags as works of art. people like to spend lots of money on art right? paintings, murals, photos, sculptural pieces, etc. i just found it in bags. and i get to show it off wherever i go. but like noriko i have a comfort zone around 1000-1500. there are people out there i guess who can drop 15K on a bag.
  10. I totally see what you mean and I can see that 1000-1500 is cool. I just can't grasp 15k though! Maybe I just need time to see:idea: but right now if I had that money I would buy myself a new car!
  11. I guess its all relative, a $2000 bag may be fine to many of us but others couldn't imagine it. Same with I'd say the majority of the population and a $15,000 bag :lol:

    I am hoping for a $15,000 birkin one day though *cross fingers* :nuts: :biggrin:
  12. Yes, there has to be a limit for me otherwise I'll bankrupt myself easily! lol Right now, the most that I can allow my dear self to spend is probably up to $1500 but so far my most expensive bag is the $650 Gucci tote. I'm hoping that once I buy my Balenciaga later, I'll finally hit my $1000 mark. Omg.. that's so scary to think about...
  13. hi
    i am new :smile:
    i think that the point is: if you have the money, you can do whatever you want with it! for bags, i always put a limit (apart for hermes' bags ), because i am a little more obsessed with shoes.
    I think there's nothing wrong with spending 15,000 dollars for a bag, but it is wrong if you don't actually have the possibility and to buy that expensive bag you have to cut on more important expenses.
    i hope i made myself enough clear. :smile:
  14. Definately a limit. Its funny you posted this question I thought about it too.
  15. i do have a limit. but if i won the lottery and suddenly had millions, i'd buy a birkin. not sure if i'd spend $15k though. no bag is worth that much money even if i have enough.