Is there a leather serial tag inside Bay?

  1. Hi, I was surfing eBay and found an auction showing a bay with the inside leather serial tag[​IMG]
    I just bought my bay from Diabro and been looking for the tag. Can't seem to find it. I did find a differnt looking serial tag. Anyone knows where to look?
  2. If you are looking at the bag from the front, the tag is on the left side in the inside pocket. I hope you find the tag.
  3. My serial tag is not rectangular like the one in the picture. It is more square. I don't know if the tags are different sized in different bags.
  4. Mine is the regular unquilted bay and the serial tag looks like this:

  5. []
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I couldn't see your pic. I'm happy you found the serial tag. Enjoy your new bag. I took mine out today for the first time and I felt wonderful. I barely made it home before the pouring rain.
  8. Sigh am a complete moron who can't seem to get her pics up. can someone post that link that teaches you how? Thanks. In the meantime, other bay owners - what kind of tags do you have? Mine is squarish too like what Miss Sue said