Is there a large classic flap?

  1. I have been here a while so I should know this- but I just wanna know if there is a large size classic flap. I have done a search and most people here refer to it as meduim/large. So I just wanna know if there were 4 size flaps; mini, meduim, large and jumbo or 3; mini, meduim and jumbo?
  2. I think there is mini, small, medium, large and jumbo. At least I saw this at the store. Anyway the difference between small/medium/large is very small, I think it's mainly a difference of thickness more than lenght.
    I may be wrong and there is no small flap but I recall there is.
    Then there is the east/west also.
    Have you tried to look at the reference library? It's a very helpful resource!
  3. there is no large and jumbo - the large is the jumbo. I had this confirmed with Chanel in London recently
  4. Sorry to confuse things here, but I have a what most refer here to as "medium/large". The box it came in says "large" - it definitely isn't a jumbo. When I was at my Saks Chanel, there were three sizes out (of course there could be more, I guess) - the one I got was the medium sized one (the middle size) and it's labeled as "large".

    Am I making any sense or just confusing things more?
  5. There are 4 sizes of classic flaps. There are mini, medium, large and jumbo. You can find all 4 sizes at Chanel boutiques. However, we often see only 3 sizes at the malls. We refer one size smaller than the jumbo as M/L since SAs at Chanel's might call it "Large size" while SAs at the mall normally call it as "Medium size"
    I hope this makes sense.
  6. Thankyou Pias as I did remeber hearing there was a medium and a large, however I am still not quite sure as Secret shopaholic says she had it confirmed at Chanel that the large was the medium and there was just a jumbo. I am actually no clearer on knowing if there is a medium AND a large classic flap! Really confusing
  7. Its confusing because not all SA's refer to them in the same way. Anyway, here are the classic flaps.

    Mini flap

    Small flap: 9" bag
    It is the black sitting on top of two east west bags

    Medium/large flap (10" bag)

    Three jumbo bags
  8. ^^stunning collection LUCCIBAG!!
  9. Wow Luccibag, great collection and very helpful pictures. Thanks!
  10. Thanks and you're welcome! Glad to help.;)
  11. Those pics are a great reference.
    And WOW. Your Red Jumbo with the Bijoux chain is my HG.
  12. THANKYOU Lucci bag! Finally, I now know that there is a large classic flap, that was soo sweet of you to help me x
  13. Just to confuse you even more(!) there isn't a large classic flap. It is the medium/large and then it goes to the jumbo size. It goes: mini, small/medium, medium/large, jumbo.
  14. Loveeee your orange and red flaps, Luccibag!
  15. Yes the large flap is called "medium/large". Mini, small, medium/large, jumbo.