Is there a lack of classic caviar jumbos in the UK?

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  1. So I'm heading to Manchester later this month and I phoned up Chanel on New Year's Eve asking if they had any classic caviar jumbos with GHW and enquired on the price. The SA said they had none but would be getting in some in the next week or two. I then phoned up last week and they still hadn't got them in so she said she'd phone me back when they did.

    I called up today and the SA told me that they did get in a shipment today but they are all gone as there is a big waiting list now for them! He said there were quite a few people who had put down their name before me so he didn't think that I would get the bag for a few weeks anyway.

    I was half thinking of getting it when I was over there since the exchange rate is quite good at the moment but maybe now I won't even have that option! Is this the same case elsewhere in the UK or is it just because of the Christmas rush?
  2. Avril, I think somebody posted in the UK chanel sub forum (at the top in the Chanel Shopping thread) that London had taken delivery of some Jumbos. I am always slightly sceptical when the boutiques tell you they have none. It always feels more like they want them to be waitlist items, when in fact they are the regular stock line, made week in and week out!
  3. Thanks chloe-babe! I must check out that thread in the sub forum. I was really surprised too - Chanel, waitlist, classic flaps?! It sounded more like a Hermes conversation than a Chanel one! I've never had any trouble before looking at classic jumbos in the Dublin store so it seems a bit odd.

    Maybe I'll just chance it when I go over at the end of the month and see what they have!
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    ArvilH - I'm having exactly the same experience as you. I've been calling all the stores in London, with no luck.

    Is it normal for it to be so hard to find a classic flap bag?

    I'm hoping I can get my flap bag within a couple of months..... but getting rather impatient! lol.....

    If anyone has any tips on how to secure a bag it would be much appreciated!
  5. do not really trust them over the phone
  6. ^I'm sure some more jumbos will be arriving with the SS Act 1 stocks coming in by the end of next week. Give the boutiques a call then and hopefully you should find one. Which colour are you looking for?? Is it black?
  7. I called UK out of stock for jumbos
    price 1460 pounds
  8. same case here. Been calling since new years day for a classic jumbo in lambskin/caviar and been told no stock! getting impatient too!
  9. i bought lambkin jumbo from selfridges london on tuesday,they had caviar jumbo's then,posted in chanel uk thread,
  10. Woo hoo..... I've finally got my jumbo caviar flap!!!! After numerous calls, finding out when the stores get their deliveries, a couple of visits to the stores themselves, and then finally getting myself on 4 waiting lists (couldn't get myself on the waiting list of the 5th store in London - Selfridges - they said they didn't have one for the classic flap?) Bond Street came through for me!! They called me on Friday and told me they would hold it for me until the end of the next day. I was so excited, I couldn't wait, and went straight there that evening!

    So my tip right now is to get yourself on waiting lists if possible. Out of all the waiting lists, Harrods said their waiting list was so long they couldn't guarantee anything (shame, given I wanted to purchase there as their customer service is best), but I got calls to say deliveries were made to the Bond St and Sloanne St stores on Friday. I got mine from Bond St so I declined the Sloanne St one, so if anyone is keen to buy on Monday, perhaps try Sloanne St as they may be the ones most likely to currently have stock. Good luck everyone!
  11. I'm planning on getting mine at Heathrow at the end of March - what do you think I should do?? :confused1:
  12. Hi which outlet did u made ur calls? Are u from Spore?

  13. what time is the bond st store open until today and sunday?
  14. Oh Kara, that is fab that you found one!
    Do you love it already? and cannot wait to see pics :biggrin:
  15. Bond St Chanel is closed all day Sunday and open from 10 till 6 from Monday to Saturday.