Is there a Kooba bag you desperately want but can't find?

  1. Mine has to be the Kooba Renee in Mocha/Champagne. I never used to give it a second glance and then all of a sudden I really want this bag, but can't find it anywhere. Has this happened to you? What Kooba bag do you crave and can't find? or what Kooba bag did you crave and through a spot of luck managed to find?
  2. Ha! I sold my Renee about a year ago. Don't you worry. One WILL surface at some point! :tup:
    At first it was the Taylor, which I manage to snag and I'm waiting for her to arrive...and now it's a bronze Lucy. Remember those?
    I don't know if I'll ever find one EVER AGAIN...
  3. Wow jchiara, you are the same as me... I'm waiting for a Taylor to arrive as well. I thought the Renee would be a great compliment to the Taylor, especially when I'm travelling through airports and want to keep my wallet/tickets/passport safe under my arm (in the Taylor) and then magazines, duty free perfume and a bottle of water in the Renee. I think it would look quite smart to have matching bags and hopefully not overkill. I know the Renee shows up on on eBay now and again, so I just need to be patient, I'll keep looking for as long as it takes.

    A bronze Lucy would be a great bag to have, I'm sure we can all keep an eye out for you, just like we all kept our eyes open for a pink Alex for Bessie. Great to see she got one today. Couldn't have happened to a nicer girl.
  4. I will always pine for a brand new Cognac Marcelle (think it's pretty hopeless..:crybaby:)
  5. Me too! If one ever pops up I will try my hardest to snare it. (Though I will let you borrow it sometimes maggie! ;))
  6. Gosh, I forgot all about the cognac Marcelle. That's indeed a gorgeous bag. There's a nice desert one on eBay, but cognac is certainly a fab color. jchiara was very lucky to snag one the other day.
  7. Hmmm, I'm thinking Jessie in Java. Could have had one multiple times, but always passed it by. Now, of course, I can't find it. Even the Kooba site doesn't have it anymore. :crybaby:I wouldn't mind a black Lucy either.
  8. hmm....i have to say it's still the smooth black sienna.
    after that, i'd love a marcelle! :rolleyes:
  9. Youngster, the Jessie in java is a MUST HAVE bag. It's absolutely fab. I like the Jessie in that color the best.
  10. I know, I know Mini! What was I thinking? (Apparently, I wasn't.) If you see one anywhere, let me know.
  11. I would really love a Victoria in Luggage.
  12. Jadejett, there is a perfect, brand new smooth black Sienna up on e-bay right now. (Scenery, aka luxoleather is the seller.) I bought two of her bags and they are amazing. I am having to restrain myself from bidding on that one as the bidding is likely to go into the $450 range.
  13. Sigh....the black Sienna AND the army metallic....:wtf: I don't know what to do. Well, I CERTAINLY don't have the money for THOSE - not unless I parted with some other goodies, but I worked so hard to find them, I guess I'll just have to sit still for awhile.
    A bronze Lucy though...hmmm...I could eat rice and beans for a FEW nights.....:rolleyes:
  14. Thank you thank you Mini. One thing I found interesting about my Renee was the leather. Now I know the Taylor is going to have the same leather, but it was slightly different than my Marcelles. I'm worried that the Taylor is going to be too small.....the Chiara/Taylor is the same size right? And the Chiara is a good size, right??
  15. I can honestly say I don't think so. I have bought all of my Must have bags at one time or another and then ended up selling. The only one I ever regretted selling was the Smooth Black but I got that back. And now I have a brand new Metallic Army also so I think I am set.
    I'd like to see all the old Koobas we might have never seen. I would love to have an Alex in black if they ever made it. The Alex is one heck of a bag. The leather on it is wonderful but bright pink is not always real versatile. Or Aqua.
    Sometimes I miss my Marcelle in Cognac but I think I miss it for it's color more than anything else.