is there a handheld you like BETTER than speedy?

  1. thanks!
  2. got to be the alma!:yes:
  3. no!
  4. Manhattan PM! But it may go back to speedy if you asked me again down the road of course! Speedies are just way too common where i'm from, even if 90% of them are fakes with feet :yucky: I have yet to see a copied Manhattan.
  5. i'm enjoying my ellipse. I've been using it since she arrived. I love that the handles are a little longer then the speedy.
  6. i think the speedy is more classy than the manhattan, but thats just me

    but my fav handheld is def. the speedy
  7. I cant choose between speedy and alma :confused1: I just love them both.
  8. It's a tough fight between the speedy n mizi...hmmm
  9. I love the speedy 30 in any color!
  10. I love the speedy 25... My alma gets kind of stodgy... IMO:love: :flowers: :flowers:
  11. The regular batignolles- it's next on my list!
  12. nothing beats the SPEEDY,

    however i think the manhattan, trouvile/ deauvile, alma and the ellipse would be great handheld bags too basically because of the rolled vachetta handles. that was one of the reasons i had my papillon exchanged for another speedy, the handles were a wee bit uncomfortable....
  13. ellipse or papillon... i love both of mine... but my next purchase would be a speedy :yes:
  14. Yes, I positively lurve my Jasmin. (Not a speedy user.)
  15. Mizi!