Is there a handbag heaven?? I think this belongs there.....

  1. Mold.
  2. :lol:
  3. Omg :lol: I can't imagine anyone actually buying it.
  4. At least she got her moneys worth!
  5. i would not even use it if it was for free.
  6. I can't believe anyone would pay the e-Bay fee to list it :lol: .

    "At least she got her moneys worth!" < That's for damn sure !
  7. How gross!!! I wouldn't even want to touch it! I think she's going to have to pay someone to take it!!! haha:sick:
  8. :sick: :lol:
  9. yuck was the word that popped into my head!! I cant imagine that anyone would actually buy that Alma, but hey she says she bought it in the 80's it definitely shows that LV purses last a long time.:wacko::blink:
  10. I am deeply sorry for that bag. It's been abused !!Very very sad looking bag.
  11. Yuck! Poor thing.
  12. Let me just say that I love Lv mono with a nice honey patina- but when it looks like it's been dropped in algae filled lake, lost in a coal mine, and kicked around by a few school children, it's way past it's expiration date! She probably found it in a dumpster after Goodwill rejected it. Poor alma!
  13. EEEks!!! Retire the poor thing!!!
  14. Poor, poor bag. At least you know it had a long life. I am amazed at how bad it looks though. I have seen LV bags from the 80s that looked 100x better than that one. Somebody really beat the crap out of that bag.