Is there a hand-held Chanel?

  1. Ladies I am new to Chanel. I own several LVs but no Chanel.

    Today I saw someone with a hand held Chanel. It was a medium size. It looked almost like light yellow but it could have been ivory (the room was a little dark). I am used to seeing the chain shoulder bags not hand held.

    Is there such a bag? What is it?
  2. Hmm... Chanel makes lots of hand-held bags. Could it be a Chanel Kelly that you saw? Was it quilted?
  3. ^ i was thinking the chanel kelly too. there are also a few clutches that were made.
  4. Yes it was quilted. Maybe it was the Kelly? Does anyone have a picture they could show? Show much are they?
  5. ^^Sounds like the Kelly. I love that bag.
  6. The Kelly is a super cute handheld!
  7. Sounds like the's one from eBay:
  8. love the kelly!
  9. Anyone know the cost?
  10. The one pictured I THINK was $1595 ish ... I have a smaller one in Lambskin and it was $1450