is there a guts post anywhere or can anyone post one for a DOLCE?

  1. i'm interested in getting a dolce but i'm used to medium - big bags. i'm worried that the dolce would be too small for me. i usually carry a makeup sack, sunglass case, travel-size hand lotion, wallet and tide pen. can anyone post a guts pic or refer me to one? thanks!
  2. [​IMG]
    cell phone, pack of gum, clinique compact, small wallet, checkbook, coupon pouch, glasses, pad, small bottle of aleve, 2 MAC lipglasses & birth control pills.
  3. thanks kkiimm and vmasterz! it fits a lot more stuff than i thought it would. :tup:

    looking at the measurements of the dolce, it looks to be almost the exact size as the LV pochette and i can't fit much in there. :sad: