Is there a good "season" to resell bags?

  1. I have a Fawn and Gold LV Epi Noe. I need to resell it to fund my next obsession. Reason I ask is I've listed it three times and there have been no takers. Only watchers. Is it the wrong time of year (for the color), the color in general, or the style of bag? I notice that the Petit Noe seem to do well when reselling - maybe the regular Noe style doesn't. I don't know. Also, when listing it (on eBay), I took close up pictures of hardware, the "made in" stamp, the date code, the wear on the corners, interior, the LV stamp, etc etc. I don't know what else to take photos of!!! I don't think I'm out of line on my asking price........but maybe I should start it out at $9.99 w/ a reserve. ACK. I'm just tired of wasting fees! And sellers out there have some pointers for me???
  2. I would just keep trying- I just recently saw 2 people here looking at those bags! E-bay can be hard this I know- I started my COACH bags low (i.e., 30 and 50) - that way they will sell. I learned that along the way- but don't start too low- as you may get stuck w/ that price but I am sure they will sell! :jammin:
    Good Luck my friend! :flowers:
  3. That's gorgeous color....low starting price with reserve will serve you better..Good luck...
  4. I agree. I normally begin with a low starting bid, no reserve, and I end up getting takers. I just recently listed a bag, but tried another method, and it doesn't seem to be working as well. I listed a starting bid price close to the reserve, which is what I really wanted, but now I have no bids and lots of watchers. My feeling is that they are all waiting to snipe the auction.

    Are you willing to reimburse mypoupette authentication fees or take returns? Did you post lots of clear pictures? These are factors that I often consider when buying from ebay.
  5. or you could go with a consignment seller. I've seen some great bags on Ann's fabulous finds. They charge a fee, but also charge what they are worth, so you have a better chance of getting the price you want.

    Good luck!
  6. I've always noticed that sales go up around Xmas. I'm hoping...been trying to get rid of my Dior Gaucho for ages now. I'm tired of wasting fees, too!!
  7. I agree, start it low and set a reserve. Also, ebay has the most traffic on weekends and newly listed / ending soon items are the most looked at...point being, you want to have your auction start and end on a weekend. Good luck!
  8. Thanks for all the info. I think I'll hold off until next weekend. Do you think I should start/end on a Saturday or Sunday? And do 7 day listings do well? I've always had good luck with 3 day listings. BUT, you guys are the experts. I also think I'll add the refund and mypoupette reimbursement to my listing. Those are great ideas. Like Snorks said, I've been listing it with a close starting bid to my reserve.....and also my BIN. I think I'll keep my BIN price (maybe offer free shipping w/ BIN), start low w/ reserve, and do the last two options that were mentioned. Thanks again!!!!
  9. ALSO, I'm going to get Carol to authenticate it for me so I can put it in my listing that I had it authenticated with her, and urge them to do the same thing - just show me proof that they had her do for them as well. COOL. Guess I'll dig out a Kate Spade and possible my Kors too. I never use them, so they might as well be sold. Hopefully!
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  11. Thanks for the link. Though I'm not trying to sell it here. Just trying to get some ideas for when I relist it again on EBAY. I've listed it numerous other times without a buyer, so I thought some of the seasoned buyers/sellers could give me a few pointers. Didn't see that listed in the rules anywhere.