Is there a good cleaner to stop the canvas going grubby?

  1. I plan to purchase a Gucci monogram at the end of the month and recall when I had the bucket bag and it got grubby.

    Is there a special cleaner to help protect it getting darker over time or clean it when it does?

    tia - i'm new to Gucci.
  2. Hi! Just thought I'd reply since no one else had yet lol. Plus, I was wondering the same thing! My lil Gucci monogram pochette got drink spilled on it TWICE in like 2 weeks, once by a stupid drunk girl then by my bro at a bday party!!! (Believe me, I nearly killed him lol!) I just did a quick search for 'cleaning Gucci' and a bunch of stuff came up, including a website called which actually sold bag cleaner! Hope this helps! I'm gonna clean mine, will let ya know the results!
  3. Coach sells a cleaner for their canvas bags so I am sure that will work well on Gucci canvas.
  4. I asked a SA at Niemans about this concern, and he told me that the best thing to do is to use a gentle soap (like Dove or something) on a washcloth and to softly scrub the dirty areas.
  5. Warning:I just bought the Coach fabric cleaner and tried it on my GUCCI monogram,do not use!Left a bad mark,it will stain the bag.Even used a blow dryer thinking it was still wet,but no never came out.Do not use the coach cleaner on you GUCCI monogram
  6. I recommend using a lingerie wash called Stain Remedy from Forever New. It is safe to use even on silk and cashmere. First time I used it on my cashmere sweater w/ pen mark, it's completely gone. Second time I used it on my dark spot (probably grease) on my Gucci messenger, it's 98% gone. And if I don't point out where it is, no one can tell.

    You can google it and find out where it is sold. It can be used on other delicate fabrics too. And it's cheap!
  7. OK call me crazy, my husband fixes and cleans bags and we use convertable top cleaner on a damp rag on all of our gucci canvas. It is inexpensive, we dilute it and it works wonders. We freshen up with febreeze and toss (leather and all ) in a cool dryer with a fabric softener sheet! It works, my large monogram cream handle was a mess and we got it cleaned up.
  8. in the dryer??? no way!!! wow i would of never thought!!!
  9. thanks for the tip! i will try it and see what happens