Is there a full fledged Chanel boutique in San Diego?

  1. Hi there Ladies,

    Im thking of getting another Chanel..and since I've just moved to SD, was wondering if any of you ladies can tell me where I could browse at Chanel purses and if there are any boutiques in SD?

    Also, this is because I've had some bad experiences with Chanel SAs from HK and Spore..(very snotty) but they start smiling a lot when I actually BUY (I used to give these snotty SAs a piece of my mind while paying) - once I even told the SA, "It's ok, get her over here, I don't want you to earn my commission when I bought 3 bags!" ( sorry, a bit off-topic) ..haha...suprisingly..the SAs at Chanel in London were really polite and well mannered..hmm, I get frustrated with snotty SAs..hehe.since I think we're spending $$$, I didnt want to mar my Chanel experience, so thanks in advance if anyone could recommend!:flowers:
  2. There's only a little Chanel boutique INSIDE of Neiman Marcus at the Fashion Valley Mall. I've had mixed experiences with the SA there. But if she's not there or busy, you can always ask one of the other purse SA's to help you.

    Unfortunately, they don't have a great selection.
  3. I would agree with Wicked. The SA in the Chanel boutique is okay... Ricky is typically posted in the general handbag section and will also help you with Chanel...I have enjoyed working with him.
  4. Mariela, who works in the Chanel boutique inside of Neiman's is very sweet and tries to be helpful, but there's only so much she can do in such a small boutique.

    I do most of my buying from Brendan Sheehan at Chanel on 57th in NYC. :yes:
  5. Thanks Ladies for the tip!

    Oh no, I'm so sad...but do you gals know if they have classic designs?

    Also, Smoothoprter, do you order over the phone from the NYC boutique? I haven't bought from them, so would I be able to order too? hmmm....

  6. I've used Branden before too in NYC. He's GREAT!!! And he does take phone orders. His number is (212) 355 5050.

    I'd also go to the NM at Fashion Valley and look at their selection. They may have something that you're looking for.
  7. Thanks so much!
    But it sucks I can't go and look at the purses IRL...sorry, another q, have you seen a good selection of wallets in NM (SD)? :flowers:
  8. They've got lots of good new stuff. Go check them out.
  9. They had a great selection of Outdoor totes last weekend...yum!
  10. Thanks Smoothoprter , SoCal!
    Okay, I'll definitely go and check it out, but I'm more looking for classics though.

    Did you gals see any classics? (sorry..last question hehe)
  11. Yes, they have a good selection of classics, at least when I was there earlier this week. :biggrin:

    Mariela is very sweet, I got my last chanel with her.

    Good luck on your chanel shopping!:wlae:
  12. I always get no attention when I go there alone, but with the hubby there it is the opposite. Weird. We should schedule a mini meet one of these days if there is interest and we are allowed to do that here. Did the bloomingdales open up yet in fvmall?
  13. Yeah, that IS wierd. I know what you mean, though. Like I said, Mariela is nice... But there is this one male SA that was like very snooottty for no reason at all when I asked to look at a bag! (And it wasn't like I was in my PJ's).

    Anywhoo.. I am totally up for a mini-meet! PM me if ya'll would like! I don't think the Bloomies is open yet.. OMG, any info if they will have Chanel as well?
  14. Did someone say lunch at The Cheesecake Factory?:lol:

    I have no idea when Bloomie's will be completed or whether they will have a Chanel boutique. I highly doubt it though since Neimans already has a Chanel boutique.
  15. Hahaha, true, but ya neva know? Hee hee... Yeah, speaking of which I'm going to NM right now to replenish on La Prairie...

    Cheesecake sounds goooooooood! When are we all meeting?? :wlae: