Is there a flap bag that is larger than a classic but smaller than jumbo?

  1. I would love to get one in ivory lambskin.....does Chanel have anything like that?

  2. anyone?
  3. my s/s '06 washed lambskin classic flap in the largest size is somewhere between a large and a jumbo... perfect size IMO. I find the large classic flap a little too small, and the jumbo looks massive on me. Not sure if any current season flaps are around this size, perhaps the resident chanel experts can help! Hope u find the perfect bag ;)
  4. The classic comes in small, medium and large...then jumbo. So I'm not sure what exactly you are looking for. I suppose if you looked to a flap that is a little more unstructured then you could fit more in, but an ivory/beige lamskin is probably a classic flap. You'll have to do a search on the measurements of the 4 sizes.
  5. The classic is also considered the large....I am wanting something larger than that, but smaller than the jumbo.. doesn't have to be classic, although that's what I prefer, it could also be a reissue.
  6. what is the s/s?? by chance do you have a picture? I'm in the same boat, the classic large is too small for day and the jumbo is way to big...
  7. the washed lambskin range was part of the spring/summer '06 collection if i'm not mistaken. its definitely larger than the classic large size, yet smaller than the jumbo, hence solving my classic flap sizing issues lol! i also posted pics in the chanel reference library + pics of you and your chanels sub-forums, so u can see how the bag looks like + how it looks like when worn. Hope that helps!
  8. Well it's good to know they do make an in-between size....I will just have to keep my eyes out for it...

    btw, the flap bag looks gorgeous on you!

  9. :huh:h Chanel is confusing. Maybe a Luxury Flap? Or a PNY Flap? :shrugs:
  10. I'll look into those...I probably should call the SA at Nordstrom's who sold me my ladybraid....I'm sure he would know, but I figured all the experts here would have some ideas.

    Thank you for the suggestions! :flowers: