Is there a fixed time in which Coach will repair/refund bag from when you bought it?

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  1. Coach Fixing Your Bag: What is the time frame from when you bought your bag for them to consider fixing it or refund your cash for a defect, say, a sealant problem? Never did understand that. How long does Coach guarantee their product? If my bag has a sealant problem in 6 months, isn't that normal wear?? Thanks in advance for any reply...still learning about my new fascination with Coach. :smile:
  2. It takes years for that to happen. I had that problem with patent leather. It sat in the closet for months and yet it was still peeling. :confused1: That bag went back for a full refund. The store will analyze the bag and if the bag looks brand new and not used and abused then there's an issue with the dye of the bag. I hope this helps.

    BTW, you won't get a refund in cash. They will give you a store credit.