Is there a Fendi store in San Francisco?

  1. Or am I just hallucinating?
  2. No. I wish there was one!
  3. aw- too bad! I'd be so close!
  4. but the bags should be available at Saks ???

    I was there last winter (bought a luella bartley there) and Saks there carried Fendi (i think) ... I was too busy eyeing the Balenciaga's they had ...

    or am i confusing the store - Barney's in SF??? No I am sure it was Saks ..

    I remember MANY MANY years ago ... Fendi was carried by SF Macy*s !!! I bought this black vinyl bucket bag with little colorful FFs all over it ... have no idea what happened to it .
  5. Nope, no Fendi store here. NM and Saks do carry Fendi. They're opening Barney's soon, don't know when.
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