Is there a doctor in the house?

  1. I am such a moron! :Push: So today I was cleaning my room and gathered up a stack of papers on the floor to throw away. When I picked them up, I saw something pointy. It looked like the pointy end of one of those security tags they have on clothes. I have no clue how it got there, maybe it was left in one of my shirts or something? I thought, "I should throw that away" and went to throw away the papers and intended to go back and do so, but my mom needed some help with something. Of course, being the klutz I am, I forgot about it and stepped on it. It didn't go in all the way, maybe 1/2" but damn it hurt. It's like a huge thumbtack. So, after I calm down and fix my foot up, my bf says I should call the doctor tomorrow and see when my last tetanus (sp?) shot was. I thought you could only get tetanus from rusty nails and such. I mean my BF is smart and all, but I don't think he knows much about medical stuff, haha. Normally, I would just call in the AM but I have a really busy day tomorrow with a school meeting in the AM and an interview in the PM, Wednesday is his day off, and Thursday I have to take my mom to the dentist and I have family coming in. So I don't know when I'd go.

    Any doctors/nurses/medical people think I should call? I could try and reschedule some of tomorrow's stuff for Wednesday if I REALLY needed to, but then I'll sound like a moron to the lady I'm interviewing with ... "yeah, I can't come in because I stepped on a thumbtack, can we reschedule?" *sigh* But, I'd rather reschedule than end up with lockjaw or whatever happens when you get tetanus.
  2. im not a doctor but OUCH! sorry about your foot. :sad: im sure you'll be fine. um to the doctors...what happens when you get tetanus? :/ yikes
  3. I hope that it will heal fast. =(
  4. Oh no.. your poor foot!! :cry: Is it still bleeding now?

    I'd ask my parents, but they just went to bed a few minutes ago.. argh! I know we have to have some docs on this forum.. hopefully someone can help! Have you put some rubbing alcohol/germicide on the wound already?
  5. You will be fine, use some peroxide and disinfectant. Your foot will feel swollen for a couple of days but that is normal. If the pain persists see a doctor.
  6. Call A telephone triage nurse in your area, your local hospital may know of one and they can give you some advise. I am a nurse but I can't give advise over the web.
  7. not a dr but it seems like I have become a 'professional patient' over the last 3 years and I did something very similar-sharp plastic in the foot-and I went to the dr-not for that reason, I had an appt for something else-and he gave me a tetanus shot...I was always of the thought that it had to be rusty metal too but my PCP in Wi said a puncture with any foreign object is a potential problem.
  8. I went through this about 2 years ago, on Mother's Day!!! I was cutting up the chicken, slipped, and put a knife right through my finger. It cut the skin to right above the bone. Well, my sister cleaned it and bandaged it for me (I cannot look at my own blood) and then it started to hurt. Well, I went to the ER the next day and was told it was too late for a shot because you have to get it within the first 24 hours or else it's too late. After that, another words, there has already been a chance of other bacteria getting in there. So, the doc told me that as long as it was a clean knife I should be fine. Clean as in, no dirt on it (tetnus lives in dirt), no rust, nothing like that. So, as long as the tag was clean, I think you 'll be fine. Good luck. Just make sure to keep it clean.
  9. if you're complete with DPT immunization as a child then you should be fine. Usually the tetanus strain lives on dirt, soil etc. They give and those with especially deep penetrating wounds. Did the nail cut through the deep skin?

    btw, im not a doctor yet still a 3rd year med student.
  10. Any piece of metal that pierces the skin requires a tetanus shot..Per PHH..who is a doc.See if your shot is up to date.
  11. The good thing about tetanus shots is that you only need one per 10 years...
  12. Go get a tetanus shot. One of those minor emergency clinics should be able to get you one very quickly. ;) I had a little accident last month where I tripped and cut my face and had to have stitches. They gave me a tetanus shot even though the place I hit my face wasn't rusty metal or anything. It's just a precaution. ;)
  13. ouch, sorry to hear that. It sounds so painful. I hope it'll heal soon. If time permits, may be u should go get a tetanus shot as precaution.
  14. Jill's right. It's just a tetanus shot. See if you've had one in the last 7 years. Half an inch seems pretty deep to me.
  15. Get the shot -- unless you've had one in the past five years. You could even go to the emergency room -- your insurance should cover that. Better safe than sorry.

    I just went to the ER at the recommendation of my general physician b/c of a very minor dog bite -- it wasn't even bleeding. Nonetheless, my last shot was nine years ago. I felt like a complete moron visiting the ER for a wound that wasn't even bleeding -- but tetenus is horrible, painful and potentially deadly, so it was worth the peace of mind to get the innoculation. Plus, now if I do anything else stupid, I'm prepared for the next five years!