Is there a Doctor in the house?

  1. My son (12) just revealed to me that his nipples hurt :confused1: so immediately I have a look and he has a knot behind each of his nipples and they are sore to touch. I asked him how long it has been hurting and he tells me about 5 days. Is this something someone else has gone thru with a young boy? Is it puberty? Of course today is the 4th of July so I have no one to run to right now so if there are any Doctors in the house or if someone else has run into this please let me know, I would appreciate it
  2. I asked PHH for u...he hasnt ever seen anything like u r describing..have his pediatrician look at it tomorrow.Let us know how u make out!~Good luck!
  3. oh crap C, sounds painful :sad:
    Update us tomorrow on the little guy.
  4. Since he is an adolescent 12, it sounds like he is going through a hormonal surge, likened to tender nipples and tender breast tissue in a female before menstruation. This is possible in a male adolescent, but nothing that is life-threatening. The best thing is to bring him to his pediatrician who may deem it necessary to run some blood tests to check his hormone levels. Hope that helps!

    This article may help as well:
  5. Thanks Jill for asking, if it isn't something he has seen before that eases my mind actually, kwim?

    Thanks Swanky, I will.

    That's what I thought too amkur, I will be calling in the morning. I was just hoping that maybe this is something another pf'r has run into. I will be calling the doc in the morning