Is there a Dior Outlet?

  1. Does anybody know where I could get the black and gray saddle bag at a good price? Is there a dior outlet? Where is it
  2. Yes, there's Dior outlet in Cabazon, California
  3. There's a Dior outlet in NY, forgot what the place's called
  4. Woodbury Commons Outlet Mall
  5. Does anybody no the phone #?
  6. (951) 922-3606 for Dior at Desert Hills (or Cabazon) in CA
  7. There are three outlets that I know of for Dior:

    Desert Hills: 951-922-3606

    Orlando Premium Outlets: 407-239-0090

    Woodbury Commons: 845-928-4602

    Hope that helps.
  8. What does the dior outlet have? And how are the prices?
  9. hello. I got both of the dior bags that i own at woodbury. i got the dior rasta saddle bag at woodbury commons in central vally, new york for $365. The suggested retail price is $730. If i am correct as well i also bought it on sale so it was discounted off of the $365 which was the outlet price. I think it was on like a day or president's day. I think the discounts are pretty good....even if they arent on sale and further discounted like i got mine. the woodbury commons and the one cabazon, ca one i believe it is called desert hills premium outlets are two of the best. They have the big, versace, todd's, feragamo...etc. If you'd liek to see what premium outlets are near you then you can go to
    hoped this helped =)
  10. The discounts are awesome and the staff is VERY nice. I love my rasta saddle that I got there as well. It was so much less than in the store! They didn't have any black and white saddle bags last I checked, but you can have them put you on a "list" and they'll call you when your selected bag comes in. At least that's what Eric did for me!
  11. Call the Desert Hills Outlet. One of their SA's, Lorena, always mails out email when there is new merchandise or discounts. She's GREAT!
  12. Are there any outlets in Singapore?
  13. I wish! I doubt there's any. I wish there were outlets too here in Sydney. :sad:
  14. There isn't. But the last time I checked, which was around a week ago, the SA at Dior Isetan boutique told me that there will be a mid-year sale at all Dior boutiques in June. No news of specific dates though!

    I'm waiting for the sale to replace a romantique wallet I lost and get a gaucho tote in burgundy! :happydance: