Is there a Dior outlet in Paris?

  1. Hey

    I'm off to Paris next month and was wondering if and where a dior outlet might be. I've found one designer village but it doesnt list dior as a brand.

    Anyone know? :confused1:
  2. people seem to be asking that question a lot here and not getting an answer :p so i don't think there is one unfortunately

    but not sure. maybe call dior?
  3. Hello, there is no Dior Outlet in France that I could find. I was told the closest one is in Switzerland. Here is the link from that thread Dior Outlet France?
  4. Yeah I asked at Dior before I'd seen your replies and they also confirmed they were no outlets in France :sad:
  5. Try the one outside of London , and one in Switzerland. I do not have the addresses , but have seen them in official company literature listing them as new store openings. Most of the Dior Homme merchandise on eBay comes from the UK outlet.