is there a difference?

  1. Does anyone know if there is a big difference between the 04 seafoam color to the 07 vert deau?
  2. Very good question- they look very similar to me.
  3. I think Seafoam has a little more light blue undertones in it...Whereas VD has a pale green base...
  4. Here's Rollergirl's shows (from top to bottom) Vert D'eau, Seafoam, and Turqouise '04:


    ...and here's another from Rollergirl, with (clockwise from upper left corner): Turq. '04, Vert D'eau, Seafoam, Pistachio:

    blue greens 015.jpg
  5. they are all sooo pretty :love:
  6. WOW!! they're all gorgeous!!
  7. While I haven't seen Seafoam IRL, Vert D'eau is definitely more greeny - I would say there isn't any blue in it, while Seafoam (judging from pics) definitely has blue in it. Seafoam is also darker and has pewter HW.

    Seafoam was the bag I always wanted, but I love my Vert and although I still prefer the Seafoam color I do prefer the regular brass HW over pewter.
  8. Oh I love those comparison pictures, I'm so in love with each and every one of them! What amazing colors and pictures!
  9. All look so pretty but Seafoam would be my favourite from looking at these super photos.
  10. Seafoam is a tad darker, and vert d'eau is ligher. It is true that with some lightenings one looks a bit greener and the other one more bluer, but I would say that the overall feeling is just that vert d'eau is a bit ligher, and apart that the two colors are very similar. This is why I settled for vert d'eau since I couldn't find a seafoam in the condition I wanted.
  11. I'm drooling over all of these colors!
  12. :drool: :drool: :drool: Seafoam, 04 turquoise, and vert deau are all so beautiful. I don't know how to pick a favorite. Vert deau is the lightest and greenest of the three. If I could get one, I think I'd have to hide it from SO because there's no way to turn any of them down, especially seafoam and turquoise.
  13. o:huh:H.. they are all so nice but my pick would have to be seafoam as well
  14. Wow, love em' all:yes:
  15. Seafoam looks delicious! i can see the difference between the 3 colors. They are all amazing!