Is there a difference in these two

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  1. hmmm, on the pics it sure looks different. the first one looks darker.
  2. they are not the same, the only reason I know is because I bought both and sent both back. The mastic (the one on Aloha rag) has a grayish tone to me. The sand has more of a yellowish/ivory tone to. I sent both back because I didn't like either. I wound up getting the Blanc from 06 which is really nice cream ivory.
  3. Thanks that solves that problem.
  4. Yes quite different colours indeed. The sand is nice, almost buttery and quite warm in colour, and is this seasons pale colour, the mastic is starker.
  5. Mastic is very nice irl...
  6. So are you going to buy either of the bags or look for a different color? The good thing about netaporter, you can return it if you give them notice within 7 days (that is what I did). I'm not sure about Bluefly though. I never purchased anything from there after reading some of the threads where they said their bags aren't all authentic, it made me too nervous.
  7. I am going to get the Sand. Thats the one I actually wanted but then I saw the one at Aloha and thought that perhaps it was the same but that the photography was off or something. Well you get the drift. Too bad the Sand isn't the lower priced one.
  8. Oh I love the sand, its beautiful. Post some piccies when it arrives :wlae:
  9. I was going to buy my mastic at aloharag, but when I called they said they were sold out. :crybaby:They leave the pic up there to entice us to call!!!:cursing:..then I got lucky and found an authentic one on ebay. Not cheap though..because it was brand new and authentic I paid about $1,200 for it. It's the real deal though, and I LOVE the mastic. It is stark, but a very cool wintery white:supacool:....the sand paddy I got at neimanmarcus online, and it has pinky tones to it. It's very pretty if you want a light color with a pinky beige look. Both are lovely...just different. I think the sand color is close to mais. I have the mais in the large zippy from and I think the colors are close...:yes:
  10. Mastic is a fabulous color; putty in tone really. It was the off-white I was desperately seeking. But we all have our criterias when it comes to shades.
  11. It does. The first one looks more of an eggshell while the second one is a brighter white/blanco.
  12. I got the mastic and its a color that takes getting used to. IRL its really like dark cream but when the light hits it or if youre outside and its really bright, it turns really light too. i like the color better when its lighter, the way it looks im the pics. ive never seen sand but i would probably choose it over mastic. the mastic has really nice bronzed hardware though. and regardless, i still love it!