is there a difference in black for each year?

  1. balenciaga said they don't have any black tassles & to try back in a month! i can't wait that long :sweatdrop: is there a difference within the blacks for each year?

    would Neimans or Saks possibly have any extras?
  2. I think black is pretty much the same every year but the leather is different - some bags have thicker, smooshier leather and some have the veiny type which adds a lot of character to the bag IMO - however as you're looking for tassels, the leather shouldn't make a huge difference :smile:
    Hope this is helpful and as I'm relatively new here, you should always get a 2nd opinion from a more 'experienced' b-gal!
  3. Agree, black is black except maybe for the leather quality, but tassles probably won't show the difference that much.
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