Is there a difference between the .....

  1. Male weekender and the female weekender? If I remember correctly, someone on the Forum said that the male version has shorter straps. Is there anything else that really sets apart the female vs. male Weekender?
  2. ^I thought male weekender has longer handles. Also male version may not have tassles, and doesn't come with the mirror. I think.
  3. ^^ yep, i believe that's correcto :wlae:

    p.s. love having the fellas in our forum!!!
  4. And we love being here......
  5. it has longer handles and no mirror, but im PRETTY positive it has tassles.

    The other men bags do, so i dont see why the mens weekender would be different :flowers:
  6. Where would you find the men's weekender besides BalNY? I never see them in the handbag department of Neimans...would they be in the men's department??? The only "man" in my life right now is 5 years old. :shame:
  7. Barneys men's department

    esiders: you can always start him young with the bbags :smile:

  8. The male weekender has longer handles that`s correct and no mirror.
    But gladly it do have tassles.
    And it`s a great bag.

  9. the male doesn't have a mirror....and it comes with longer handles :smile: