Is there a difference between picotin and picotin lock?

Nov 16, 2009
I was just wondering if there was a difference between a picotin and picotin lock. Are these the same bag? I've also seen some pictures where the lock isn't showing... Is this because it is just the "picotin" or is the lock and straps tucked in the bag? I was thinking of purchasing a picotin as my starter Hermes... I think it's a chic and simple but elegant bag. I can't get a Kelly YET... I would feel much more comfortable with a bag like a picotin over a Kelly at this point in my life. Any info would be great! Thank you!!:heart:


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Feb 26, 2009
my understanding is that the weight of the lock pulls the strap and thus hold the opening of the bag together. there is no clochette with it.

for those who have bought the lock, there were questions raised what to do with the keys... i guess you put it somewhere secure! :P and hope you can find it months/years later!
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